Wyndotte not eating much and drinking a lot of water

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    Jul 10, 2009
    I have a 9 mo old wyndotte pullet who is the love of my flock. The last two days, I have noticed that she is not eating much. She scratches but I don't know if she's getting more than just dirt. She tasted some yogurt and cooked sweet potatoes but wasn't too interested. She stands by the waterer and drinks, drink, drinks. She even vomited from drinking too much. I was told by a fellow chicken lover to put honey in the water so at least she is getting some calories in her, I hope. I have lost three birds due to an unknown cause in the last month. I have sent those girls off to the lab for a necropsy but as of yet, I have no results. Her symptoms are different though. I started out with four girls and loved them so much I got 6 more. Now, two of my original four are gone and I am afraid I will lose another of those 4, my sweet wyndotte Lorraine. Does anyone have any suggestions? Her crop is full but squishy like a water ballon. I palpated her abdomen but can't feel anything hard or unusual. Her poop has been yellowish in color for a couple of days but I thought that it may have been due to an excess in treats. Now her poo is just runny scat. [​IMG] When I picked her up, I noticed that she has lost weight.

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