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    Hello experts!

    I am an incubator neophyte and I got my first batch of eggs. On Thursday, December 30th, at approximately 3 PM I loaded up 120 Bobs! So far, we are running beautifully, 99.7 degrees and a humidity of 45. They are in a Hova-Bator 1602 and I installed the fan and turner.

    My question is when should I lock them down for hatching and what should I bump the humidity to at lockdown? I am guessing lock down would be the night of January 19th and humidity should be around 70? Thank you all for your help!
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    Bobs take about 23 days to hatch, give or take a day. So lock down on day 20. On that day, up the humidity to 70% and keep your fingers crossed! Good luck with your bobs!

    Oh, and I would up your present humidity to about 55% to 60%. [​IMG]

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