X-Rays showed pneumonia in both lungs, wheezing,treatment?

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    Aug 22, 2012
    She is on a nebulizer with batril water and 1cc of enroflaxin this is her fourth day she is supposed to have five days of treatment. the wheezing is down considerably, but she still has some wheezing. treatments? and how long does it take for a cure?
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    Jun 24, 2012
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    Might want to talk to the vet about extending the treatment and/or changing drugs. Maybe something like amikacin? Was the possibility of aspergillosis mentioned?

  3. mg15

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    Aug 22, 2012
    no he never said what caused it.
    I now looked at the baytril bottle oral
    and it says give twice daily, I have only been
    giving once daily. would this be the reason for
    her still wheezing.?
    and of course it is saturday and I have to wait
    until monday to talk to him about extending treatment
    and I can tell him about the Amickan.
    How long does it take for hen to get over this.
    he did mention asthma.

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