Xmas is coming -anyone looking to trade crafts for fertile eggs???


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Mar 16, 2009
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Hi guys,

I did this last year with a bunch of people-I love trading my fertile eggs for specific gifts I can give to my children for Xmas-

I have 2 girls one turning 15 next month and 1 turning 12 next month
They love those chram bracelettes-forgot what they are called-but they need the actual bracelettes to put charms on-the ones I got last year were too small for their wrists:-(

My girls are very picky-Im apologizing now-so that if I have to tell you no on certain items DO NOT TAKE IT PERSONAL-blame them LOL

anyhoo the only girls I have laying great now are my

black split lav silkie eggs-( 25% chance on lav silkies hatching-50 % splits again-then 25% straight black again) these will be available between certain dates as some are sold ahead of time:)
or olive egger eggs

I should be getting BLRW eggs soon too

anybody interested???
12 and 15 year olds only want money don't they??? LOL!! if you can still get away with actually buying them something they
like you are sooooo lucky!! I think I gave up when mine got to those ages! Well the 12 year old you might have better luck with but the 15 year old!?!?!? LOL!!! I think when they were that age I could only afford to buy them about one thing each because everything they want cost so dang much!!! A new pair of shoes from the mall... A hundred dollars. A new pair of jeans from the mall... another hundred dollars. LOL!!!! All the trips I made returning what I bought they didn't like... another hundred in gas! Ha!!!
It sure isn't the same now as when I was that age. Oh my how the times have changed. Or should I say prices. LOL!!
Good luck!!
Sorry I can't help you but this is a good idea!!!
LOL sorry jen I didnt realize you had responded days ago! Yah...this year will be tough all the way around-I did ok last year as I made my oldest pick out a ton of things and I chose out of that list Im hosed this year though because they both need new winter coats/ski pants/boots--thats pretty much says it all:-( I am a good skimper when I need to be-and they are PICKY!!!!! But RA is selling knitted hats on here and my youngest saw then and said "Mom-I love that one its so pretty-funny she didnt know I had already swapped for those hats! hahaha

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