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Aug 13, 2011
My 3month old Newhampshire red finally made his FIRST crow? Cockadoddledoo? Not sure what you call it (I looked through the list of words in the'the learning center' but didn't see anything. Well,anyway it was SORT of a crow..I actually thought something happened to him because it was not the most perfect'crow' (I'm gonna call it a crow for now) anyway I spun around to see what happened and there he was all proud of himself lol. He made two more attempts at it but finally gave up. I miss the sound of a roosters crow in the morning. Can't wait for him to get it together. (Just a little back story.. my last neighbor had about 10 hens a couple roosters a s**t load of cats aand a couple of guinna hens that he just up and left when he moved. So for the past three years or so I had been taking care of them..basicallyjust feeding the chickens and guinna hens (but had no idea where they would go at night and sleep/roost? But every morning they would come over and crow until I got up to feed them.Then I started noticing one by one they were dissapearing until there were NONE left (except 3 guinna's) all I found was the wings of my favorite hen "Jackie Chan"the ass kickin' chicken. I tried catching them every way possible but they were just too fast(for me,apparently not too fast for what ever got them:( I also trapped about 17 of the 20 cats (that were once ferel) and got them all 'fixed' out of my pocket.Just to keep the population down. And whoever says you can't tame a ferel cat,just stop by my house and ill show you different (I read an artical last year in my local paper with the a.s.p.c.a. Saying that very thing and it totally pi***d me off because its just NOT TRUE! Every single one of them(after they got fixed, turned into the most loveable cats you could imagine.I just can't keep them in the house or I'd be featured on one of them 'hoarders' shows lol. So they have a heated shed of their own along with numerous dog/cat houses placed all around the yard (I live deep in the woods on 5 acres btw). I just can't see bringing them to the aspa to spend their last days locked in a cage,then put down.. Because let's face it..maybe ONE out of 20 actually get adopted. They have it good here..when one gets sick or needs ears cleaned or when its 'flea dipping time, I have a spot in the basement for them to chill until they get better.They were all raised w/chickens and all hang out together (so I'm Possitive it wasn't one of the cats) Hmmmm..how did I go from talking about my rooster that??
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I don't know lol! It's ncie what you're doing for the cats and birds though
Oh yeah, sorry I forgot to spell check b4 sending that last post (and I'm SURE I misspelled ALOT Also, if anyone is interested in adopting a cat or three,just hit me up with a PM lol thank you all<craig:cool:
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Thanks 'magicpigeon'. I wish I could figure out how to upload pics. (I've tried and tried and just can't get them to upload..btw,is that stalker stuff aimed at me?
Nope, I should really add "Forrest_Flock" to the signature lol

You can upload the pics to a site such as photobucket then just use the img code...?
Ok cool. Thanx. I'm gonna try it now..I was just wondering about the longest hair thing (cause, I'm a dude with really long hair) I get called KID ROCK ALL the time<hate it> but the stalker thing threw me off..~~so that's what a signature is~~ I want one of them too lol thank you for the info:) t/c

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