Yahoooooo All my hens used their nests today!!!!


11 Years
Apr 5, 2008
Northern California
Why does this stuff excite me so much...haha!!!!!

The girls have been ignoring the great nest boxes my dh built since they started laying. They had been all laying in the corner of the coop across from the boxes. They all wanted the same place too. Some i noticed were too slow and the others were pecking at them. ]

So i went out and got a couple cat liter boxes. Put some bedding in them and hoped they would lay in there. A couple did but the others would roll the eggs out to the middle of the floor and then the rest started laying all over the coop floor. That made for messy eggs.

Soooooooo i took the liter boxes and emptied the shavings into the nests and then turned the boxes upside down in the areas the birds were laying their eggs. There wasn't enough space in the places they usually laid with these big plastic containers.

I just went out and all 8 of my birds that are laying put them in the nest boxes!!!!!

Again i must say Yahooooooooooo!! I got to call dh and tell him his hard work wasn't for nothing.

Boy the simple things that bring me joy. Haha!! Sorry for rambling.


11 Years
Jul 25, 2008
Adirondack Foothills, NY

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