Yakima, Washington looking for hens!


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Jun 17, 2009
Ok, a little more specific! ;-)

I am just starting with chickens and "urban homesteading" so please bear with me. We have a lovely front yard that is being comepletly wasted at the moment and I want to have some chickens in it! It is not fenced at the moment, but I would like to fence it at some point, though not with the 6 foot fence that we have in the back. I am finding that anything shorter than this may not be tall enough to keep chickens in :-( but may possibly work if they are a very heavy breed that cant get too far off the ground? Any thoughts?

In anycase, we do have a fully fenced area in the back that is appropriate right away so even if we can't work out the front or find a really unlikely to fly/hop over fence type bird we can get some chickens right away! (can you tell I am a bit excited?)

We would love some red laced blue wyandottes, or other lacy varieties, welsummers, and maybe give us your suggestions (I like the blue/teal colored eggs quite a lot as well). Egg laying is paramount, we can't have roosters (obviously) and I'd like to start with just 3-4 birds and increase to 10 (probably) after we see how things work out. I particularly would like to buy from someone local to get advice and see how they keep the birds.

Thanks for reading!

from a neighbor in Renton

Congrats on the chickens. Fence height and chickens is kind of individualized. just depends on the chickens. You could think of wing clipping.


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