Yard Sale...Yard Sale...Yard Sale BLAH!

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  1. Hubby and I are getting ready to have a BIG blow out yard sale with a few friends this weekend. Sounds like fun? BLAH! Last time I did a yard sale, it was a DISASTER! I hope this time hubby doesn't DISAPEAR on me! [​IMG] He is valuable for communication then I am. Hot boiled peanuts [​IMG] and cocoa [​IMG] will also be available. Anyone have any helpful hints that would help us out for this yard sale to make it more successful?
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    Chain hubby to a stake so he can't leave.
  3. Quote:[​IMG]


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    Or better yet, beat him to the door, so that he is left holding the sale while you "go check out the competition" for a few hours. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    This is my 1st year Not having a garage sale-I do miss it but it's ALOT of work!!
    Everything I put out to sell if it's not sold at the end of the sale, goes to Goodwill! Not kidding, DH backs the truck up and everything is loaded right then and there into the pickup and off we go to donate it!
    I price everything to SELL, otherwise what's the point in having a garage sale?!?! I have everything completed the night before so I only have to put out the large stuff in the morning and open the door. In our area, alot of people arrive prior to the start time so we have to be prepared!! Selling extra's like the peanuts/cocoa is Awesome, I sell some baked goods and water as well, gives the kids something to do and they get to split the money that's made! Get plenty of change, $1's $5's, quarters, etc. Bags to put their stuff in. And the last hour of my sale I run a Sack Sale, for $2 they can load their sack up with whatever clothes/shoes/purses/etc they can fit in! About the last 15minutes or so, I tell them to take what they want for free because otherwise it's going to goodwill!
    Hope the weather is good for you and you make some good money!!! [​IMG]

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