Yawning followed by quiet gurgle/clicking.

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    Yesterday evening, I noticed a 10 week old pullet repeatedly yawning followed by a clicking/gurgling sound. It was constant, but she seemed ok otherwise. At the time, she was inside the coop snuggled into the straw with some other pullets.

    This morning I found her outside in the run, but standing still looking sedated. She let me approach and pick her up! Usually, I have to corner her to pick her up and then she is ok. This time I picked her up, carried her to the house, went up the stairs and tried to look down her throat with my husband.

    She allowed all of this handling passively. Her crop is empty. I kept massaging her "throat" and found a pea sized lump just under her beak. I kept gently pushing this downward. She was trying to squawk but couldn't.

    Then as I was carrying her, some liquid came streaming out of her mouth. Not much, maybe a teaspoonful.

    Her eyes were closed and I thought she was passing out.

    I checked BYC with the pullet under one arm and typing with one hand. Read something about olive oil and bread if there was something stuck. She wasn't interested in the bread, but I managed to dribble a drop of olive oil into her mouth. Then I put her into a small crate that I have used as a brooder.

    She was lying on her side not moving.

    I tried to give her water from a bottle with a drip nipple. She didn't want any.

    After 5 minutes she sat up and when I offered her the bottle she started drinking.

    She has been drinking fairly constantly for 5 minutes.

    She has repeated the original behavior with repeated gaping mouth yawning just now. She looks better, her breathing is now regular but her mouth still opens a bit.

    I will post a video as soon as I can get it.

    This is how she is at the moment - taken through the side of the bin because of the angle.
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    Please help! My pullet is up and down, and I have no idea what to do. Any advice at all would be helpful. She is the only bird showing these symptoms. I noticed in a photo taken on Tuesday, that her mouth was already slightly open, but it was not noticeable at the time. She was not yawning then.

    [​IMG]More recent video

    the most recent video


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