I have a chick that does the same thing. Looks up and opens her mouth for a moment. Its the smallest one of the bunch. I am new to this myself and I was wondering the same thing. The chick seems healthy, eating and drinking and running around with the rest of them, so I guess it is normal...
My sneezy chick does this. I still have no real answers for her either. She will sneeze sometimes, and she will sometimes shake her head, as well as the mouth opening/yawning thing. She's perfectly healthy and alert at this point. I hope we all get some answers! lol
our chickens when they were chicks would do that and still do usually at or near nightime so they must yawn when tired must be a chicken/people thing
Constant stretching of the neck and opening of the beak over and

over again could be a sign of gape worm. Chickens do yawn. But it

shouldn't be a constant thing. Have you wormed lately?

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