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May 28, 2020
Hi everyone,

My name is Shawna and we have 3 chickens who just upgraded to a Chicken Mansion! I am even making them curtains. Ha! Fluffy is a blue wyandotte, Diana is a golden wyandotte, and Athena is a silver hamburg. They were given to my son on his 8 year old birthday 2 years ago. We are planning on adding to our flock this year: a gray silkie, an araucana, and a orpington. I also have a dog (Belgium Tervuren and 2 indoor cats. Oh! And a husband and 13 year old son.

I used to post on this site (I think) in 2002 when my husband and I first got married and inherited a flock of chickens (too many roosters!) and Peking ducks. Much needed advice was given to me and I learned a ton back then. I always knew I would get my own flock again and now I do! We live in city limits so can only have 6 hens. We do not free range b/c there are lots of predators here. Back on the farm when we had our chickens, they free ranged and we lost so many that way...though I loved seeing them happily roam and graze.

I rejoined this group because I am looking for answers as to why chickens have poop stuck to their bottoms (they don't act sick) and how to improve drainage in the coop (lots of mud in NC...will add sand and gravel). Also I need to find more info on dust baths. Anyway, I intend on searching old posts first for answers and hope that if I don't find them you would be able to offer me guidance as I try to provide the best safest cleanest environment for my ladies!

Thank you!


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