Yay for babies!


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Oct 6, 2010
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Helga (Salmon Faverolle broody) hatched out a 100% hatch of guinea keets today! 12 total.

This one is a little unusual as it is light colored and all of our adults are standard pearl.

More pics of the whole family:

Aww, congrats! And good job Momma Helga
The lil guy with the whiter face and white wings looks like a Royal Purple (so a couple of the Pearl Grey adults in your flock are carrying hidden-recessive partially pearled gene in their background).
Yes, the first little guy is a Royal Purple. Notice the irregular stripes on the head where Pearls have bold stripes on their heads. Here is a picture of 5 Royal Purples that I hatched out last year. They are very pretty as adults and very cute as keets.
Thanks! It's exciting to have one of the little ones be different (royal purple).

They are sociable with us too! Being raised by a chicken hen I'm sure is part of that but it just amazes me.

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