yay my chicken's went in their coop!


6 Years
May 10, 2015
We were so excited that are chicks went in the coop tonight! It took some coaxing but they went in on their own! Today was the first day they have stayed out all day so i picked their outside food up about an hour before dark and waited, they were all crying in the pen until i got in the window from the inside and kept calling them and one by one they went. We have one younger one, she's a runt and she never could go up and down the ladder the other's coaxed her in..it was so cute and we were so excited!! We were like proud parents when their kid pee's in the potty for the first time!!! LOL I know it will still take some time for them to totally do it on their own but it was so exciting!! :)


In the Brooder
May 13, 2015
Hot Springs, AR
I love them going in on their own! The other day we were across the street at her parents house and came back when it was dark to find the birds and put them up, when we got home we couldn't find the turkeys or chickens at first but then found all of them snuggled up ready for bed inside their coop! I loved that and was soo glad they went in on their own and needed no coaxing

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