YAY the chickens are coming the chickens are coming lol

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    Feb 11, 2009
    WOOT the post office called this morning to inform me that we had a package that was kinda loud lol the funny part was I had just woke up and was getting dressed waiting for my puter to boot up so I could get the PO's number to call them to see if they arived. and YAY they are all healthy and happy warming up in the brooder munching away on some feed as I typ. I'm not too sure but I think I got a rooster too there is one loner who I thought was a different breed all together but I looked closer at it and the RIR chicks and side by side they are the same but the loner is much darker and he is loud and proud it funny how they weave themselves together to stay warm in the shipping box . I will always go through meyer hatchery for all my poultry needs lol I just recounted and there are 13 RIR and 13buffs instead of 13 RIR and 12 BO that makes me that much more happy
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