YAY!!! uh-oh. Some help please? Goose eggs

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    So my cousin got me 4 chinese goose eggs from someone, hopefully within the next few days ill be able to go get them, Never incubated geese before, are they easy? what do they need? certain temp and humidity? any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Also. if I cant make it down there soon and she sticks them in the incubator for me, Is it possible to get them home (about 1 1/2 -2 hour drive) safely? by heating a blanket or something wrapping them in it and sticking em in a styrofoam cooler maybe? or leave them there? shes been having some incubator problems
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    Last spring I hatched 7 out of 8 goose eggs.
    What I did was this, I kept the temps at 99, humidity higher, like 50 or 60 (cant recall, I will have to check my notes). After the fourth day I would open the incubator, mist them with some warm water and let them cool for about 10 minutes. I also turned them three times a day.
    They werent that difficult to bring up to hatch time,(but you have to be diligent) however they DO take longer than chickens when they are hatching and I ended up having to help most of them out, well if you can call peeling back some of the shell helping? Six of the ones I hatched out were healthy, the seventh died a week later. There were four Chinese and four mixed eggs.
    I dont know if she starts incubating them for you, if it is safe to move them that distance? Hopefully someone else will know.
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