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    So here's the scoop on my Old McDonald House! [​IMG] Last Saturday, DH found a kitten in our garage. We brought it in, fed it, and than I put it back outside. I thought the mother may have been moving her litter there and I didn't want to really raise a kitten, with having Avery and 14 chickens and one cat already, I didn't have time.

    So we went and checked the next day and there were 3 more kittens....I thought PERFECT I don't have to take care of them. Clearly the mother was around. So we went and checked last night, and we only found 2 kittens. The first one we found was killed, along with the mother and one other kitten [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] We are thinking rats... [​IMG]

    Needless to say, I know have 2 kittens in my kitchen, and a very upset 2 year old house cat! I believe they are about 4 weeks old and VERY skinny. Hopefully they will do fine. I don't know about my house cat though, he's already having health issues.

    I now own 33 chickens! OH BOY! I have 14 6week olds (8 Columbian Rock x RIR and 6 RIR x Columbian Rock) and 19 1-2 week old varietys...

    I just got home from the Post Office with my "fancy" chickens I ordered yesterday from Performance Poultry, here in Ontario. I believe I got 5 Part. Silkies, 7 Grey Silkies, 5 White crested Black Polish, 2 Sultan !!! I'm SO EXCITED! I looked forever for a breeder who did Silkies and Polish! YAYY Pictures to follow (once I find my camera!)[​IMG]
  2. <sing song voice> Sarah's got her hands full, Sarah's got her hands full!

    When I brought Bert (rescue kitten) home, Amanda (10 year old rescue kitten) sat in our bedroom doorway with her back to us. She lived another 7 years and she never forgave us.

    When I brought Serge (rescue kitten) home, Sherbet (1 y.o. cat) didn't like it too much for the first week, but now they're good buds. I hope you'll be able to manage all your new "kids"! Can't wait to see the pictures!

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