Ye-ha ----- finally outside!

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    Jul 8, 2010
    Ye-ha, everyone is finally outside! I was beginning to think I would have chickens in my house forever.[​IMG]

    Bill had the plastic mesh fencing up and only needed to do two more things so the chickens could go outside. The heat was too much for him to work outside to finish. Then he was dealing with the blood clot in his leg (which at the time we did not know was a blood clot). Then found out it was a clot and was put in hospital.

    While Bill was in hospital, Buddy, my horse managed to get out and get over to the chicken house and fencing and walked through the fence. I do mean literally walk through it, so it was a torn up mess.

    Thankfully some friends came by today and helped put up some real wire and do the last couple things needed and then helped get the chickens out of the house and into their area. [​IMG]

    The chick were 10 weeks old this past Monday, and boy were they too big for the bathroom and way too big for being in the house.

    They don't quite seem to know for sure what to do outside. But I imagine they will learn fast. (I hope, I hope).

    We have a tarp over most of the run, for shade and to protect from hawks and turkey vultures. They have been staying mostly under it or have been in the chicken house quite a bit too.

    It was funny to watch them when first outside. As each one got out, the first thing each did was just lay on the grass and look around. After about a minute, they would jump up and go join anyone else who had already come out. And if they happened to walk out into the sun (from being under the tarp) they immediately fell down and looked like a dead chicken. Too funny.

    Although now comes the work of cleaning the bathroom. I changed bedding once a week (at least) and such, but there is lots of things that need done as a deep cleaning. All the dust in the house, cleaning all the bathroom fixtures they used as perches and such. And so on. Time to get out the bleach, plenty of rags, mops, soap, disinfectant cleaners, gloves, face masks, and so on. Will have to go slow, cause of my respiratory. Anything with odors (like cleaning supplies) will set off my asthma and also bring on bad bronchitis attacks. I am thinking that having the chickens in the house this long is why I have not been able to go off of the prednisone for my breathing.

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