YEA! No more surgery for me!

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    Jul 26, 2009
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    Yea!! So in August I went on vacation to Chincoteague VA. We have gone every year for most of my life. I love it, its a really tiny island only a few miles long and has very nice beaches. Well this time around we rented motorized scooter/mopeds for the family to ride around on. They were super fun but on the second to last day I had an accident on one.

    I fell off and dislocated my shoulder and broke my arm! I have never had any serious injurys other then a broken foot when I was a kid so this really sucked. I had to have surgery to fix my broken bone. There was a huge bone chip and it had to be screwed and pinned back into place. It was my first surgery. I was told that I would only ever regain about 25% use of my upper arm again and Im only 21 years old! I was also told that I would have to have another surgery to fix the tendons in my shoulder too.

    Well after 2 months of waiting I have good news! I am not going to have to have another surgery and I will regain most use of my arm!! Whoop!! I will have to have physical therapy of course but its looking really good for me. I will be back to scooping poo out of the barns in no time! (I actually never stopped, its not easy with one arm but someones gotta do it!) Im so happy today!
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    That is wonderful news!
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    That's great news! My husband had something similar happen with his hand and doesn't have full use, but enough to do pretty much anything he needs to. Glad you are done with surgery!
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    Glad to hear you're facing a surgery-free future! I love Chincoteague and Assateague, too. Prettiest beaches, and clean!

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    Quote:Very nice. I'm very glad for you! Happy poo scooping. lol

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