Year old male pekin not able to stand, acute onset.

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    Jun 21, 2011
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    Sorry I have posted this in two different spots as I am new to this and didn't realize that there was a form for injuries. I have a year old male pekin duck that is ill or injured. Last week I let him out of the pen to run the yard and I didn't notice anything wrong so I am assuming he was fine in the morning. My daughter swears that she remembered seeing him and my other two adult ducks waddling around the yard around noon. That evening when I went to put them up for the night he was laying down and could not stand up. My initial thought was that he was attacked by a hawk. But there was no puncture wounds. Then I thought maybe a back injury cause by one of my dogs running over him by accident. So I put him in my bathtub full of water to see if he could padded his feet and to take pressure off his back if it was a back injury. He did find in the tub. He ate and drank as normal. So I left him there for 2 days, filling up the tub 3 times a day to let him swim for a little while and keeping him still so that he could heal. After 2 days he still couldn't stand up. I don't have a vet nearby that knows ANYTHING about ducks (I have had problems in the past with miss diagnoses) so I called a vet at a wildlife refuge; he agreed that it sounded like a back injury and told me what meds to use, which I lucky had on had. After two days of meds he was looking worse (dirty, ruffled feathers and thinner) so I took him out and put him in a small cage by the others so he was not lonely. Now about 5 or 6 days later he is still sick. What is BETTER: He can left himself up in the front and walk on his hunches, but still not spreading out his "toes" and standing. He is still eating and drinking and trying to join the others in the yard. He is still rutting through grass for bugs. What is WORSE: He has white ... stuff... in the corner of his eyes that I can wash out but comes right back. He is A LOT thinner. Feather are still dirty and ruffled. Any thoughts?

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