Yearling French Toulouse Pair (& free baby!) SE TN

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    We have one pair of 1 year old toulouse (hatched May 3, 2010) from Metzer Farm's French Import Line.
    They are proven breeders, and a 8 week old gosling can come with them if you'd like, but they ARE protective of it, so you don't have to take the gosling. Breeding season is over and they are molting into lovely new feathers. These are huge birds, excellent grazers. They were hand- raised, and they will follow you around and come when you call them. They learn quickly where thier "bedtime" place is and are incredibly intelligent. Never mow your lawn again!

    Toulouse are a flightless domestic breed so they will not migrate. They DO need protection from predators- especially at night. My flock stays out all day with a pool and goes into a coop at night. They love turnip greens, grass, and the sight of watermelon will have them screaming.

    Pair or Pair and Gosling only. Can deliver/meet within 1 hour (Dayton, Jasper/S.Pittsburgh, Cookeville, Sparta, McMinnville, Hixson...)

    (the boy in this pic has a scar on his chest but I am keeping him- its just an example)

    paypal to [email protected] Cannot hold for more than one day without payment. I am available all this week for delivery, but not next week.
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