Yearling Heritage Breed Goose


10 Years
Jun 18, 2009
Atlanta, GA
We have a young female, sex-linked goose available immediately. She has started getting the "itch" to match up with a mate and we don't have one for her. Her breed is known, but she doesn't fit into the breed standard, so we'd rather not list it since she shouldn't be used in a purebred breeding program. She is a medium-sized girl, not large like a Toulousse or American, but not a mini breed either.

She would make a decent table bird too. Never given hormones, antibiotics, steriods, or anything but her pellets and fresh greens.

She is pick up only unless you can meet us at one of the locations we are travelling to:

Friday March 11th - Lebanon, TN

April - might be going through TN, NC, and VA.

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