Yeast infection in my chicken's mouth?


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Apr 16, 2011
El Monte
My smallest chick's tongue looks ugly, like a human tongue that hasn't been brushed in days. She also has a rather smelly breath, not too foul, but unpleasant. I asked another friend who keeps chickens what it could be, and she mentioned two other possible illnesses, thrust and avian pox. After I read the symptoms I don't think Rusty has either, as she pretty much steals the food from my other chickens when I give them treats, and she runs round and is very perky when she is foraging in the backyard. She does, however, still have some issues swallowing every know and then, she sneezes and shakes her head to expel some piece of food that bothers her, and has excess saliva. She does eat well and empties her crop every night.

I've got some raw organic apple cider vinegar that I began adding to their wateter yesterday. The other chicks are ok and show no abnormal tongues or breath. I also read I should give Rusty probiotics in her food and plain yogurt. Well, she won't eat the yogurt yet, and for probiotics, would it be ok to give my chicks probiotics that are meant for humans, like the ones sold in the gnc stores?
It has an infection so all of those redmedies you mentioned are a waste, it needs Tylon 50 or 200 injected at the rate of 1cc for LF, in the breast once a day for 7 day's. That will clear it up fast, all of that probiotics and yogurt nonsence will not address the problem. Whenever I buy or evaluate chickens I always make a habit of smelling their head area, it's a sure sign of some sort of a problem infection.
There goes my naive hope. I'm gonna see where I can find a vet that sees poultry near my home. there is only one vet I know that I don't trust, and I want to avoid him if possible. An acquaintance of mine told me of a vet she goes to or her chickens, but I don't have a car and it'd take me about 90 minutes to two hours in the buss to get there, and I don't know if they allow people with pets in carriers in the buses in Los Angeles county. Is there anything else I can do for my chicken while i find where I can get her medication without having to sell one of my kidneys to afford it?
This medication is commonly found at any good feed store and is very very affordable, no need to see a vet and spend hundreds for nothing.
Sorry to revive this thread, but I didn't want to give the impression that I just post stuff and leave when I get answers I wasn't expecting XD. I'm finally gonna have some spare money this week and I'm gonna go on a chicken supply shopping spree. Rusty still has rather icky smelling breath, but by now I'm sure it's a yeast infection, since she still acts normal and she more often than not steal the food from the other chicks when I give them treats, and her poop is still normal. I'm gonna buy nystatin probably from here (can't seem to be able to find it anywhere near my home) , and I'm gonna be buying other meds to keep in a first aid kit I'm slowly putting together for my girls. I've been treating the chicks' water with a bit of apple cider vinegar, and it seems to sooth some of the symptoms, as Rusty isn't that drooly, and her tongue is not as gross looking.

I'm also going to buy the antibiotic you told me to get al6517 to have it for any unexpected emergency, and I thank you a lot for the replies
Keeping a little supply of common med's to treat poultry illnesses is a good idea for everybody, I keep the temp sensitive med's in the fridge and others out in the eq area in the coop. That way I can treat rapidly when I see something and also treat when I suspect or want to prevent, it works great in my case.
Nystatin is exactly what pediatricians prescribe for babies with thrush. Another thing that they reccommend that I'm not thinking would hurt a chicken is gentian violet. It's a dark purple liquid. Most drug stores that have the homeopathic type stuff have it.
I've been treating Rusty with gentian violet too, plus the bit of apple cider vinegar in their water, which is available to all my chickens. I read in a website that gentian violet is used on baby parrots to treat yeast infection in the crop, but the instructions on how to do it says they shove the qtip all the way to the crop so they coat everything. I can't do that with Rusty, she is a bit too big now to shove a whole qtip inside her throat, but I've been getting the soaked qtip inside her beak, to coat her tongue and so she can swallow any excess so it coats her throat and crop. I don't dare to push it any further than the inside of her beak, as she moves a lot and I don't want to hurt her or get the liquid to go to her lungs. I'm still buying the med as soon as I get my paycheck, plus I'll see if I can order med for cocci and probiotics too.

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