Yeast infection?

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    Apr 22, 2008
    I noticed today that one of my dogs has a rash. It is little red bumps that seem to be mainly on her stomach and legs but I did see some on her back when I rubbed her hair the wrong way looking for more bumps. Our other dog had a yeast/fungal infection when we got him from the shelter and this looks very similar. We have a kiddie pool set up for the dogs (that gets fresh water every day), and she loves to lay in it a few times a day to beat the heat. I'm wondering if her skin hasn't been drying after her forays in the water and now she has a yeast infection on her skin. Any way to be sure of this besides a vet visit? If it is a yeast infection, are there home remedies I can try before taking her to the vet? Our other dog doesn't have any bumps on his skin, they are both treated regularly for fleas, and I didn't see any flea dirt on either of them so I don't think it's that. Thanks for any help!

    Edited to say: Our other dog doesn't really get in the pool at all giving me more reason to be suspicious of that being the cause.
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    My chocolate lab had a yeast infection in his ear. The vet suggested flushing it out twice a day with 50 percent water 50 percent white vinegar for a week. After about 4 days it seemed to do the trick and all the discharge from his ear was gone. Maybe you could rub the same solution on your dogs skin twice a day for a week.
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    Does it smell? Yeast infections are pungent

    what breed is your dog?
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    May 25, 2008
    I have a psycho-spaniel with chronic yeast infections (she has an immune disorder). When her feet were disgusting, the vet told me to have her stand in a tub of warm 50/50 vinegar and water for 10 minutes twice a day. This was way less expensive than the pills and creams and medicated shampoos, and far less toxic, too. It worked quite well. Ask your vet if perhaps you could rinse your dog with vinegar water after she's been in the pool.
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    Apple cider vinegar works wonders! You can put a few drops into her water once in a while, plus make a 50/50 apple cider vinegar/water mix and apply it twice per day. My cat just got over something like that under her front leg. We also used over the counter yeast infection treatment....going through a line holding yeast infection cream isn't fun though, lol. Most people here know that 90% of what I buy is for my animals though, although I still get a few weird looks once in a while. Good luck at getting this fixed!

    Emily in NC

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