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    I was out gathering eggs this morning and noticed one of the 'points' of a hens crown has turned yellow. It's not the entire crown but just one of the points (sorry, not sure what it's called). Any thoughts on what this is? She's a 7 month old Black Australorp. The temps have been very cold lately with snow. Could this be frostbite? What shall I do? Thank you!
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    Yes, that may be a touch of frostbite. It will probably require no treatment, but Neosporin ointment can be gently applied to a comb that has been frostbitten. Don't rub the area. Make sure that there is not too much moisture of humidity in the coop, and that there is a way for moisture to escape with ventilation in the highest point of the coop. Here is a good link on frostbite:

    Frostbite on comb
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    Thank you for responding. She seems to be doing well so I'm going to continue to watch it. Thanks again!

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