Yellow crusty mouth - Pics included

Tropical Chickies

11 Years
Aug 12, 2008
Central Florida
My little OE bantam has some yellow crust on the corners of her mouth. Anyone know what this is? She is eating and drinking, not lethargic or anything. She is separated from the flock. I gave her a dose of Tylan 50 orally yesterday and then another dose this afternoon. I didn't see any improvement from the 1st dose, but figured I would continue giving her the medicine for the next 4 days.

Also, the inside, upper part of her mouth is yellow (looks like thrush)


Thanks Dawg! It is definitely canker. Do I still give (1) 250mg tablet for her size? I was able to find the metronidazole at a local aquatic fish store. So happy because I thought I would have to ship it in overnight.

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