Yellow diarrhea and vomiting chick. Help!

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  1. lynnmanno

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    Sep 20, 2011
    After losing my two beautiful chickens to a sneaky fox, I bit the bullet and bought two new chicks last weekend from a local hatchery.

    I know it was dumb, but I didn't think to ask if the chicks were vaccinated. Especially now that one of them is very sick and I don't know why.

    She has yellow diarrhea which is the texture of egg yolk. I have been keeping her bottom clean all day, but this morning when I greeted her, her down was quite matted.

    On top of that, she seems to be throwing up a clear substance anytime I dip her head into the water to drink.

    She is not touching her crumbles and won't even drink without being forced. About an hour ago I added duramycin-10 to her water.

    She is just standing still for the most part, occasionally walking around or laying down. Her breathing seems a bit labored, but not too bad.

    Any idea what may be wrong with her or how I can better treat her?

    Thanks so much for the help, I can't bear to lose another chicken after my last two!
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    May 16, 2011
    The stool color seems like Cocci. the vomiting is not normal and can mean many things. As far as her breathing...put your ear against where her wing lays and listen to see if you hear and wheezing or crackles.
    I would hate to separate her, but that may be best so the other little one does not get sick.
    Go ahead and treat both chicks for cocci though. If the chicks get lonely, you can put a old shirt or yours or a feather duster in the cage for them to snuggle up with.

    Have you checked the sick ones bottom to see if it feels hard or has a protruding vent? also smell her breath to see if it smells sour and make sure there is no drainage from the nose that smells. She may also have a lung infection causing the clear fluid to be vomited up she is drowning in the lungs.

    Check those things and let us know what you find. Seems like you are going to have to force feed her with a dropper. Alot of time if a bird is sick and you tip their head own, they may vomit, cause gravity is fighting against thm. Try puttering her water bowl on little board to raise it up some for her. also spread food out on the floor so she can find it wherever she walks.

    God Bless,

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