Yellow ears - White Cobb? Chicken

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  1. jemagsy

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    Mar 8, 2008
    This morning we went out and checked on the babies in the brooder and then on our big girls and my husband went to check on one of our hens that keeps going broody. On his way out of the run he noticed that one of our older girls' ears had yellowed on both sides. This is the first sign of anything we have seen in her. She is approximately 60 weeks old and was formerly a production/factory farm bird one of the old farmers around here gave to us. She has been in our flock for at least 12 weeks. We were told she is a Cobb? hen which is a breed I have never heard of and have not been able to find info on.

    Our brooder also serves as a quarantine box but we do not want to put her in there or the barn and expose her to our 7 weeks old birds and the others in the run with her have already been exposed to whatever it is (if it is indeed contagious or even a disease). I have terramyicin and vitamin/electrolyte solution on hand as well as betadine for emergencies like this but I want to know what I need to do before I treat her with any of that.

    Here are her ears, what do you all think?

    Left ear

    Right Ear
  2. Farmer Kitty

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    Sep 18, 2007
    Looks like drainage to me, from the pic. Is that what it seems to be? If so, is there an oder?
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    Jun 17, 2008
    Middle Tennessee
    Looks like she has an ear infection. I just searched the forum for this, and there's not much from the past couple of months. Back on 4/9 Pine Grove mentioned ear mites as one cause of ear infection, so you might check for parasites.

    I would not only do a parasite check, though, I would also look into antibiotics to treat the infection. I don't see anything on the correct type right away, so you might want to PM an expert to get more info. Off the top of my head I might suggest Pine Grove (re. the earlier thread).

    Doesn't look insurmountable. Do continue quarantine, though. Good luck!

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