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    May 31, 2010

    I have a girl who has stopped laying for a few weeks - we thought she was an internal layer and she has laid 2 shell-less eggs since. She hasn't grown quite like the other girls and now I just noticed that her eyelids are yellow and none of the other girls have this. Do chickens get jaundice? I thought maybe it was asperilligosis, but that was described as "cheesy-looking" and pox is described as "nodules and bumps". Her eyelids are just yellow around the rims - no bumps or pus or anything else.

    Any help is appreciated!



    6 month old shaver sex-link
    used to lay and egg a day for 2 weeks, then stopped.
    the omega female of the group - and comb/wattle/size haven't grown much
    looks otherwise healthy but isn't very "smart" - compared to the other 3 girls, she's a little "slow"
    18% layer feed, clean water, de-wormed, free-range access, oyster shells and some chicken shells for calcium, lots of earthworms, greens, fruit, yogurt and other treats
    she has been eating and drinking normally

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