Yellow fluid under wings. What disease is this?

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  1. My Chickens has yellow fluid under their wings. I cannot see where it comes from. They have no obvious wounds on their bodies. There's no bad smell. They can eat and do normal activities. What worries me is that most of the chickens in the flock have this problem. Does anyone know what disease is this?
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    Any swelling around the eyes or comb?
  3. No swelling. They only have yellow fluid on their bodies. It's mainly around the wings, but also on the backs. The feathers with fluid started to decay.
  4. Wyorp Rock

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    Can you wash/flush those areas, trim away the feathers so you can get a better look at the skin?
    Photos of what you see would be good too.
    Looks like there is probably fluid in the areas pointed out.

    Where are you located in the world (state/country)?
    How old are the birds?
    How many are affected?
    What type of food/treats do you feed?
    Were any of these birds vaccinated - if so, what for?
  5. I trimmed the feather and here's the photo:

    The birds are 9 months old. The whole flock has 15 chickens and all of them have this problem. I feed them corn and cabbage. They're not vaccinated, because of my lack of experience.... Is this symptom common among chickens? Does anyone know what should I do?
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    Hopefully you feed them more than just corn and cabbage?
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    My first guess would have been a parasite issue of some sort, or maybe fungus... right up until you said corn and cabbage. Maybe nutritional also in that case
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    Frankly, I don't know what is going on with your birds, but it may very well be related to their diet. What you are feeding does not provide adequate nutrition. I would switch to a balanced commercial ration if they were my birds.
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    Where are you located in the world (state/country)?

    Do you have access to a complete nutritonally balanced poultry feed?

    If you only feed them corn and cabbage, nutritional deficiency could be at least part of the problem.
    Let us know what you have available, we can try to help you.

    At 9 months old, do these girls lay eggs?
  10. Thanks. I'm in New York state. What is the nutrition I need to give them? They do not lay eggs and they look small.

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