Yellow Foamy Poo

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  1. ErinG

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    Sep 6, 2010
    My 9 month old Americauna hen has had yellow foamy poo for the last two days (that I've noticed, it could have been longer). No other symptoms that I have noticed. They are eating Purina layer pellets and get few treats, lately it has been leftover prime rib scraps and good cultured yogurt. I gave the whole flock Valbazen on Dec 18th - she got 7 drops, as close to half a ml as I could get without an accurate pipet. It has been cold (32-40) and wet here lately. I haven't noticed it coming out of any of the others. She has never laid an egg. Thoughts on what this could be?
    It looks like the bottom left cecal photo and like one of the worm photos. I wouldn't be too worried since it falls under "normal" but it's all I've seen her expel in two days. Maybe I'll have to brave the weather and watch for longer to see if anything else comes out.

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