Yellow Goat hair

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    Jul 30, 2015
    Hi. I do have chickens but this is a goat question for anyone that might be able to help! (I'm waiting to get accepted to a goat forum). So, I have 3 goats, and our most recent one is a rescue, about 5-6 months old. He is a Boer mix. His fur was white when we got him, but now it is yellowing on the backside of his legs. First it was his right leg, now it's also his left. Not sure what it's from, it could even be from sleeping in his urine! But, unfortunately, he is still skiddish and will barely let me approach him. So, I cannot examine him at the moment. He is, otherwise, behaving normal, eating and drinking, grazing, lots of energy, etc. It's kind of hard to see the difference in the pics, but you can see in the last picture that his backside is yellow. I've only had dark-colored pygmies, so maybe this is normal? I'm sure he is just fine, but I'd hate for it to be a symptom of something and not be concerned.



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