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    Mar 4, 2009
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    Hey all been a long time...

    I have lost a pair... so that leaves me with 1 hen and 2 roosters. I had the option to get rid of one of the roosters monday.... but with my luck the other one would die the next day. The pullet maybe laying i am not certin.

    The hen looks small and has a small build ( reminds me of a laghorn a bit) but is heafty when picked up. Also she does not a have a normal comb. It has 3 points and binds in a few locations. The roosters have 5-7 points and are normalish.

    They seem to lay an very odd egg, it's something about there shell.

    The Yellow Hungarians are a "gold mine" of gene's. There breeding at one point (40-30) years ago was randomized matting (lots of roosters to lots of hens) so i just need to sort though the genes and get the ones i want (no microscope just hatching). A Friend of mine is doing this with light sussex at the moment (Bred by the same prof). Lord knows what there is in them.

    I well also be starting some recreation projects with them some time soon. After i decide if i well need a rooster or a hen for the projects (also have to nail down the breeds)

    There are none in the US yet. But i am working on getting some down there some time. I just need more then one hen to do it! i well be hatching 20-30 chicks next year, and keeping 5-10 pullets and maybe one rooster. Although they are exellent foragers!

    As a side note, i have two little Yellow H. Black cochin crosses out there. They are super smart! they well get out of there pen within 5 min everyday! and are waiting there every nigh for me to catch them (the've got me trained, but they are soo cute).

    Any ways thats the little update for now.

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