Yellow Jackets, Wasps and Bumblebee - OH MY!! HELP!

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by elevan, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. elevan

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    They are trying to take over!! I can't walk out of my house, enter my garage, head for the coop or barn without being dive bombed by a flying bug with a sharp stinger!!

    Yellow Jackets have taken up residence under my siding. Wasps are trying to take over the garage. Bumblebees and Yellow Jackets are trying to take over the barn and Wasps are trying to make a home of my coop!

    Somebody please tell me the most effective way to get rid of these invaders!! I've never had to deal with so many before and they are so aggressive!

  2. usschicago1

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    Usually if you are calm around them they are never a bother. Do you freak out when you see them or are you calm? You could hire an exterminator.
  3. BuffsareBad

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    Apr 17, 2011
    I get them every year (except this year for some reeason) I use a flying insect/wasp killer that sprays like 25 ft and try and hit the nests. It works well. Just be prepared to make a dash inside for about 30 minutes. Most of the time the fall right out of the air.
  4. Stingrayg4

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    Apr 27, 2011
    Bumblebees shouldn't bother you at all. You should leave them alone, they're important pollinators.


  5. Celtic Chick

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    Yellow jackets can be an excellent source of wild, natural protein for chickens, if collected from traps around restaurants or other places. Be sure to let the insects stand in open air for a day or so after collecting them out of the trap, to let the attractant dissipate.
    The attractant is not a poison, and the yellow jackets don't consume it, but it may be in their system from evaporation in the trap. It's like a perfume --- it's volatile, so will dissipate into the atmosphere quickly. The yellow jackets die in the trap, but their death is not caused by the attractant.
    NOTE: Follow trap directions meticulously. Never get the tiniest amount of attractant on yourself or any living area, for obvious reasons!!!
    I fed my new chicks on these yellow jackets from a few weeks old, and they thrived. A little girl had the family job of emptying the yellow-jacket traps at her parents' outdoor restaurant. She had to bury the dead beasties; she was happy to give them to me instead. She brought them to me in sealed sandwich bags every week. At first sight of the boldly-striped insects, the baby chicks drew away from them, but after they realized they were safe and delicious (which took about 5 minutes), they gobbled them up forever after.
    Link to this article:
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  6. cooper38

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    Apr 22, 2011
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    Is it normal for chickens to eat bumblebees? My grandpaw had a chicken that hunted them, we would watch that chicken stalk bumblebees on clover flowers all day, but none of the others seemed interested in the black and yellow bugs.[​IMG]
  7. usschicago1

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  8. mdbokc

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    Wasps - Spray at night with hornet/wasp spray. End of that problem.

    Yellow jackets "under" siding - sounds like a professional job. They are absolutely nothing to mess with...aggressive with a strong venom.

    Bumblebees - leave them a lone and they'll leave you alone. If you do need to move the nest, call a bee keeper and let them handle it, they could keep the bees too.
  9. elevan

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    Several have said that bumblebees will leave you alone if you leave them alone...they have made a home in the door way of my goat just entering the barn disturbs them and they attack! I need to deal with them, but I don't want to spray, I understand that they are beneficial, but they cannot stay where they are.
    Bumblebee species are not normally aggressive, but will sting in defense of their nest, or if harmed.

    I guess I'll get an exterminator for those yellow jackets that have taken up residence under my house siding.

    What about the wasps trying to make a home in the coop? I don't want to spray...I'm worried about harm to my chickens with a spray.​
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  10. mdbokc

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    Jun 22, 2009
    Oklahoma County, OK
    Then spray with vinegar. It won't kill them but makes it very inhospitable. Then knock it down and remove it.

    Have a bee keeper relocate the bumblebees. jmho.
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