Yellow Legs + Yellow Legs=Dark Legs????

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    Apr 7, 2011
    Can two chickens that have yellow legs produce chicks with dark colored legs for instance I have chicks that are half Silver Laced Wyandotte and half Red Sex-Link Roo. The hen that hatched them out is a BO and some of the eggs were hers.I know this chick isn't hers because it has a rose comb.

    The Parents:
    Chick which is one of I think 5 I think are hers
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    The chick inherited a sex linked dermal melanin gene from the father. The male parent is carrying a modifier (barring) so his leg color is yellow. The father of the chick most likely carries barring- which would be difficult to see in his plumage. If his mother was a delaware- he would carry barring. His mother could have also been a rhode island white that carried barring which was inherited by the male .

    The chick did not inherit the barring gene so it has green shanks.

    It could also be that he picked up a birchen allele- which will cause the legs to be dark. The birchen allele would have come from the father. The barring gene in the father would inhibit the dark color in the shanks of the chick.

    This is the most logical explanation. More later got to go to work.

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