Yellow Urates, Liver Issue, Losing Feathers


6 Years
Jan 29, 2014
Any thoughts or suggestions? Sybil, my RIR has been through the ringer as you might recall. Broke her leg. Went to the avian specialist. They recommended euthanasia. I took her home with metacam and TLC. It healed. Broke her leg again (it has healed again and she's putting weight on it again). Developed a liver problem a few days after breaking her leg for the second time. Took her back to the avian specialist. He remarked on her heft and resilience. Sent her home with Orbax, a broad spectrum antibiotic and milk thistle with lactulose to support her liver. Her poop had mustard colored urates. In a few days time, she began to improve. Urates went back to white with only a little yellow in parts of them. But she never had taken back up with eating. And I've been tube feeding her for awhile now. Recently, I've noticed a few feathers falling out. Maybe 6 a day. Not like a molt or anything. I'm wondering if that could be due to lack of nutrition? She's pecking at food a bit, so I haven't been giving her enough food to sustain her. I changed that yesterday and really upped the quantity.
Today, she's walking around. Poops are much heftier. Comb color is good. Eyes are bright. She's eaten a bit of oatmeal and grass (I have her in the tractor with Hattie, who seems to be improving from her wry neck.)
My tube feed formula is Exact baby parrot food, curcumin powder, vitamin E, dropper of Nutradrench, 5 drops of GSE, filtered water.
I've read a lot and I just wonder why she improved on the antibiotics (clearly there were bacteria involved) but not ALL the way better? Would you now suspect a fungal infection and treat for that? She finished her 10 day course of antibiotics two days ago. Any ideas are welcome.

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