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    Apr 4, 2018
    About a week ago I discovered my beautiful Australorp hen waa having a light yellow colored poop. She is now just standing around not keeping up with my two rhode islands, and her feathers are a bit puffy. HELP she is my absolute FAVORITE baby. I lost her sister 2 years ago couldn't get her unbound.

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    Mar 6, 2018
    coccidiosis- I would recommend treating for it with Corid. My first chick started having yellow foamy poo yesterday after having diarrhea the day before! Started corid this afternoon and second chick got the foamy yellow poo this evening so I’m positive that’s what they have! Be sure to treat the whole flock and disinfect brooder or coop! All food bowls water bowls and lamps. Treating for this won’t hurt your chicks if they don’t have it better safe than sorry! You can look up dosages
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    Greetings Redneckbarbiee,

    While a chicken of any age can get coccidiosis, it's more likely that if you have an older hen, she is sick with something else. I'm guessing your hen is over two years old?

    You need to put the hen in a hospital crate, box or tub with bedding, paper, a towel or mat. Keep her out of drafts in a safe place. Provide food and water (make sure the water can't be tipped over). If it is cold where you live, you can provide mild warmth at night. Make sure she can get away from the warmth if she wants to. If you isolate her, it will be easier to monitor her, administer medicines, and give her a quiet place to rest.

    Here are some things to check:
    • When was the last time she laid and egg?
    • Check her vent, to see if there is an egg stuck?
    • Feel under her belly, is it swollen?
    • Is she eating and drinking?
    • In the morning, feel her crop to make sure it is not impacted (hard), it should be empty.
    • Can you smell any foul odors coming from the crop?
    • Do you hear any gaseous sounds when you squeeze the crop?
    • Are there any discharges coming from the nostrils or eyes?
    • Put your ear to the hen's chest, any wheezing sounds in the hen's chest?
    It would be very helpful if you could photograph the poop, and upload it here.

    It sounds like you hen is very ill. Can you get her to see a veterinarian? If not, you will have to rely on the advice you receive here. So, be sure to check the things listed above, and report back with the details. Then, the members can give you a probable diagnosis, and also recommend a treatment plan for you.

    Meanwhile, provide electrolytes in the water, for the hen. Wet mash is also good for now.

    These are my thoughts on your sick hen, I hope they are helpful.

    God Bless :)
  4. Redneckbarbiee

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    Apr 4, 2018
    It has been awhile since she laid maybe a but she also hasn't been very productive in awhile. Mine are all slow layers from fall all the way till beginning of summer. We are in central florida. Unfortunately I do not have any area to isolate her in (too many predators to put in a crate outside. She is eating a little, I gave her a syringe full of medicated water last night, gave her a warm soak in water, and her crop feels normal. I will get pics when I return home.

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