yellowish slimy poo

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    Jun 30, 2008
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    i noticed a couple of days some of my chickens having yellowish poo, i wormed them about a week ago, could this be from worming or does someone think it could be something else? they all act fine.

    thanks, angie
  2. cluckychick

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  3. Some times the chickens can excrete what is called Ceacal poop.

    This happens every so often, but not on a continual basis.

    Here are some symptoms it MAY be.

    yellow diarrhea - Colibacillosis

    yellow diarrhea - Ochratozicosis

    yellow diarrhea - Streptococcosis

    yellow green diarrhea with large amounts of white urates - Spirochetosis

    yellow greenish diarrhea - Chlamydiosis

    yellowish droppings - CRD

    sulphur yellow - Blackhead

    greenish / yellow diarrhea - Chlamydiosis

    greenish / yellow diarrhea - Cholera (acute

    greenish / yellow diarrhea - Erysipelas

    light yellow or yellowish green - Fowl typhoid

    light yellow or yellowish green - Fowl Cholera

    The envelope of what is "normal" is pretty big.

    Don't read too much into the poop diagnosis. There are other symptoms that go along with these.
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    Is there a similar posting of abnormal poo? Some of the pictures on the linked "normal" page look a lot like diarrhea and I'm wondering what IS diarrhea if those aren't!

    I brought home 4 hens from a feed store last week and let them out in the run today. Mayhem. Scratching, running, chasing, bathing... made me feel awful for taking so long to finish the run! One (Buff Orpington) started panting in the afternoon, which she hadn't done before, but I'm thinking it was from all the excitement.

    There was also a fair amount of watery poo/ olive green diarrhea going on. I will watch and see if it's "every 10th time" or always.

    They definitely drank a lot of water today - I think they like the big pan I have in the run better than the metal waterer in the coop. It got fairly warm this afternoon for this time of year, but by no means hot.

    Being new to chickens, I guess my main question is what I need to watch out for in poo. What if there's no white bit? Is there an existing thread someone can point me to?


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