YES he crowed I'm so happy

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    I am so happy. When I get home from work I let the chickens out, I work nights. Well yesterday when I opened the coop door my little roo crowed for the first time. [​IMG] I almost cryed. Last year at this time I some how ended up with 7 roos and 6 of them went where extra roos go. We had a chicken hawk getting my chickens this summer and DH said no more bought chickens cuz of the hawk. Got down to 4 hens and 3 chicks and the one RIR roo. Went down to 2 chicks then down to 1 chick and then that @@@@@@ hawk got my 2 year old roo (still have 4 hens). Holding out hope that the last little chick would be a roo so I could hatch eggs was my only hope for more chickens. So you see why I was so happy to hear that crow yesterday morning. [​IMG]

    edited to add the hawk went away on his own
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    Cool beans! Gotta love the rooster's crow. [​IMG]

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