yes my "krewe" is spoiled ...they love the dust bath pool and the water pool is it ok to let them sp


Mar 11, 2015
Port Richey Florida
I have a friend in Nevada that has raised chickens for many years...when I told he I bought a small baby pool to use as a dust bath drilled with drainage holes ( in an attempt to stop the huge craters all over the yard) she suggested I buy another and fill it with 2 inches of water and place it in a cool area of the I bought the smallest hard pool and dug out about 2 inches of dirt under the elephant ear section of my yard and did so...I empty it daily and use the water to water my raised beds to keep mosquitos down...My girls love to splash and stand in the water almost as much as they like to dust bathe.....I guess it helps keep them there any reason I should discontinue letting them splash around ? they are all grown (except the two 4 month olds) and I only fill it about 2 inches

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