Yes! Or no....


8 Years
Jun 5, 2011
Hi! This is my first time incubating and hatching eggs. 4 days early egg #1 hatched, 3 days early egg #4 hatched, 2 days early egg #2 and #5 hatched, 1 day early egg #3 hatched. There is still one more egg. Egg #6 was exposed to hatch yesterday. From the beginning it's air sac was to the side. I decided (carefully) candle to see if anything is in there and I could see something in it. It wasn't moving around, air sac was bigger, Saw some veins, smaller than exposed to be on day 21......Should I wait? If it were dead, wouldn't the egg stink really bad? Thanks.
If it doesn't stink I would wait a day or two. You could candle again tomorrow and see if there has been movement. Glad you had so many hatch!!
Pete55- Thanks I read it!

TinyChickenLady- Thanks I think I will do that! I would hate for it to still be alive and throw it away! lol

peepblessed- Thanks!

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