Yesterday was a day of big fat happy!!!!

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    Apr 18, 2010


    First - got to go to the doctor and have my knee closed up more (if you are a FB friend, you've seen it) - pretty much was discharged from my hospital fun with my knee open for drainage - one hole about an inch square and one smaller - that went down to bone/tendon stuff. Doc was super pleased with my healing, and put a couple more stitches in so I no longer resemble something that belongs in a cadaver room.

    Then went to my credit union to talk about a loan for a new vehicle. My credit is jacked but she even printed off my report for me so I can start contacting the creditors to start paying off/negotiating, so that's good - getting on the right track! Yes, bad credit sucks, but a free credit report is great - getting the tools to get on track!

    Then, spoke with my parents - my mom is going to cosign for me, with the agreement my payments will be direct withdrawn. In a year, I should be able to refinance on my own, and drop her from the loan. I'm thankful for good parents who are willing to take a risk to help me get my credit on track again.

    Was looking online, couldn't find anything that really stuck out in my price range. I called my loan officer friend to see who they deal with dealershipwise, and she mentioned a very small local place. Not expecting much, I went to their site, and there it was - a 1997 Expedition with 150k on it, loaded, purdy, with a Reese - and under my price range! I called, begged them not to let anyone check it out, and raced out there - took it for a drive, and loved it. Found out it belonged to someone I work with, and I ended up emailing them - they loved it, took great care of it, and wanted something smaller. To me, it's smaller - a 4.6L V8, rather than my 5.7L (Dakota Quad Cab with 250k). Signed off, put a deposit on it, and will get it today [​IMG] The dealership was FANTASTIC - very nice, small, and gave me enough on trade for the clunker Dakota to cover tax, title, tags and a few hundred off the price. Definitely going there when we replace DH's truck!

    Then the biggie - DH got a call from my work about an interview - I mistakenly put his number instead of mine (they are close). Called back, it was HR, and rather than wait for me to get back from being on disability for this darn leg, they wanted to offer me the job I applied for last month - with a $5/hr pay raise! The didn't want to wait until I got back to offer it to me. I had to call and talk to my manager to inform so I could do my "two weeks" from the date I return, but YAY!!! Fat raise and new position! My manager is happy for me, because the new position will allow me to help HER out more (it's convoluted). This is already on top of the promotion I got right before my knee troubles!

    Lots of happy in one day!! WOOOO!!!!!!
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    Quick! Buy a lotto ticket!!! [​IMG]
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    Man can we come over and rub the top of your head? LOL congrats you lucky duck!
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    Its nice to hear some good stories.
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    mom'sfolly :


    Its nice to hear some good stories.

    Ditto, glad to hear some people can use available resources to their advantage.​
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    Feb 1, 2010
    yay! i needed a morning pick me up! glad things are going so well!
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    Apr 18, 2010
    It's easy to forget how lucky we are to be just alive and able to live [​IMG] (Especially since last week, at this time, I was hospitalized on oxygen with a systemic staph infection, on heavy IV antibiotics and waiting for surgery. That was scary.)

    It's darn good to be alive [​IMG] Course, yesterday had so much icing on that cake, I'm still running on a sugar high [​IMG]
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    Congratulations!! On everything! [​IMG]
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    Good for you!!!!!!!!!!! I really like the "life is good and things are going my way" posts.

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    Great news, all around! [​IMG]

    Hope some of your good luck rubs off on other BYCers!


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