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    May 3, 2014
    We decided to give Bronze Breasted a try this year. It was so much fun. We had 10, they were very friendly, extremely curious and had such great personalities. When it came time to take them to the processor, I thought I would have a hard time. But, because I knew I was raising them for friends and family for their Thanksgiving tables, it went easier than I thought. We picked them up from the processor and he said, you can tell you're birds were well cared for. Here is how they weighed out at 25 weeks: 36.5 lb biggest...17.7 lb smallest. 6 Turkeys were 30 lbs or more, 2 were 20 lbs, 1 was 19 and 1 was the smallest at 17. I loved every minute of this new journey and will definitely do it again next year. The only thing I will do different is get them a little later in the year, I believe 30+ lbs for Thanksgiving is a bit big. Would like them to dress out at 14-25 lbs instead. I owe everything I learned about raising Turkeys to site is the best. [​IMG] Thank you!
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