Yet another Dog attack with injured Rooster

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    May 20, 2010
    Hello everyone, I am new to chickens and have mined your forum for invaluable information. I was hoping to get some more input on my newest problem. Last Friday a trio of dogs attacked my flock, killing 4 and plucking a large amount of feathers from my rooster. At first he seemed ok other than bald and scared but the next morning he couldn't lift his head up, had a beak full of mucus and seemed feverish. I brought him in, started 1 m.l. of LS 50 twice a day and gave him water and food with a syringe several times per day after clearing out the mucus. By Tuesday he was perking up, had some control over his head and neck, even started eating and drinking on his own. Wednesday he was free of mucus and was walking around a bit. I am thrilled with his progress so far as I thought he was a goner for sure that first morning. My question is: although he seems to be eating and drinking on his own, he does a lot better when I hold his head up high. I am also afraid he is not getting enough food, after eating for a brief period he acts exhausted. I had quit feeding him with a syringe for fear of aspiration. He has lost so much weight it seems like he should be eating far more than the hand full of layer crumbles he is getting down. I have tried to tempt him with scrambled eggs, grapes, yogurt, baby food, greens, and the like but he will only eat the crumbles. I have been giving him pedylite, vitamin E and adding ACV to his drinking water. His comb is red again, his eyes clear, and as stated above all the respirator issues seem to have gone away. It is just his weight and eating that is concerning. Any ideas or tips, I will try anything, we really love this guy. Oh and today he started clucking and can raise his head all the way up....Thanks!!!

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