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    Hi all..I've been researching ideas for coops but can't find info I need..situation: I am going to build a co-op soon using planning on using 4 foot wide pallets..using 4 or maybe 5 on each side, then another set on top of those..prolly will use treated 4 x 4s on corners to secure ..and will use deep litter method...not sure yet on size of flock is let out each morning for run doesn't need to b huge..can't seem to find anythin close to that on here..iI'm trying to find out a way to make outside access for egg gathering..but anyway, I have ducks too and obviously, they r so messy that it's prolly not wise to put them in coop as they will mess up the ecosystem... I see a lot of pics of duck pens but no one has given the reasons or suggestions for the whys and hencely needed type of housing that is best for large, separate pen..knowing the why's will help in design..thx in advance
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    P.s. I currently have 9 adult ducks..and 6 more that I hatched but will prolly sell..I have a baby pool I use out in their free range 2 Muscovy hens have found the creek, tho and they fly to that..
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