Yick! Lice!!!

I have WHAT in my yard?

11 Years
Jun 24, 2008
Eggberg, PA
Ugh! I was hoping to get through the girls' childhoods without this experience but here we go...... my younger DD has lice.

We did the standard Tx and are in the process of ruining our budget with the amount of electricity we're using washing everything and then washing it again.....

She was treated Thursday night and we are combing it out every day and we're still finding live lice! The shampoo says not to treat again for 7 days.

MT had an old post on here with a study showing using a hair dryer helps, so we'll try that. But, I would appreciate any tips from you wise folk. The school, said once she was treated she should be in school, but I worry about her giving them to some one else.
Ugh..i feel for you! Poor kiddo...
I think that i heard pine tar soap works too...(not sure though)
Good luck!
Many people say that lice are becoming more resistant to the otc products so you might call your doctor for a prescription. Once you get rid of them, many teachers here swear by adding 1/2 ounce of tea tree oil, and 1/2 ounce of lavender oil to a large bottle of conditioner to use every day to keep them away. I bet the smell is strong, perhaps that is what the lice do not like.

Hang in there, it is a real pain, but many, many of us have gone through this in raising our children.
Thanks guys, I remember going through this when I was a kid. It seems like it is less of a freak out thing now than it once was. But, it still stinks.

She'll be swimming alot, I was hoping the immersion in chlorinated water would help too. But, now after reading the study on the hair dryer I wonder if the wetness is just helping!!
I read about the resistance too. Not much I can do about that. The nurse found lice on one other child in her class, but it does not good really to wonder where they came from, I rode a bus on a school trip yesterday and all I could think about was how many kids had been riding that bus the last few weeks of school and how many little heads had rested against those headrests!

Where do you find tea tree oil?
Ok, I know how terrible lice are. Heaven knows I've been down that road so many times that I've worn the path out completely, lol. My kids contracted lice for the first time about 4 years ago. I spent a fortune on all the RID and NIX, and any other lice treatment I found on the shelves at stores. Absolutely NOTHING worked. We had them chronic for well over a year and a half. Nothing I did worked. I even threw out bedding, tossed clothes, cut their hair off, you name it, I tried it. So I turned to the internet looking for a product that would work. The first stuff we tried kinda worked, but didn't get rid of the eggs, and they came back. Then I found another website, and I was so desperate by that point that I quickly ordered their product, even though it was expensive. My next step, if that didn't work, was to shave both kids bald and throw EVERYTHING out. Well, the stuff came, I sprayed it on their heads, and the lice died instantly. Yup, it was that easy. Only had one bout of lice since, and that was about 4 months ago. My friend came down with her kids and her kids had it chronic for YEARS, and were really the reason my kids kept getting reinfected. Well, her younger DD gave it to my kids again, but I got rid of them in less than 30 seconds. I LOVE this stuff!!! It's all natural and can be used to kill lice and also can be used on your dogs and cats to kill fleas, and on your furniture, and on your body as bug repellent. I use it to this day to treat fleas and keep mosquitoes away. My older daughter is allergic to skeeters. Anyway, if you don't mind the cost (trust me, nothing is as worth the price as this stuff is!) The website also has other wonderful products for keeping nasty insects out of your gardens, and keeping your yard flea free, etc. Here is the website:


I buy the gallon and it lasts me a long time. You don't need a whole lot to treat your childrens' heads. You just spray their hair down real good, comb it through, and it kills the adult lice, nits, and eggs instantly. Then you just send the kids in to take showers while you spray down their pillows, bedding, drawers, closets, hair brushes, etc. I've never seen anything work this fast, or this efficiently before. It's amazing to watch when you spray a flea too, lol Like I said, it's pricey, BUT compared to all the money you've already spent on the products that don't work, it's well worth it, and it will last you a LONG time. I swear by the stuff. My friend finally broke down and bought a bottle and finally treated her kids, and they are finally lice free too. About time, lol! Her younger daughter goes to a school where the kids there always have lice. It's so chronic there it's disgusting. So her younger DD is always coming home with a note that someone or the other in her class has lice. My friend just finally got fed up with it. Now, when her daughter comes home with those notes, she just sprays her head with this stuff as a precaution, and doesn't need to worry any more about it. She probably spent around $4,000 on products to get rid of lice over the last 5 or 6 years or more. I spent well over $500 just trying to get rid of them. They are disgusting. This stuff gets rid of a whole host of different insects, but I was sooooo happy that it was so effective on the lice. It'll work for you if you use it. You will really be surprised at how well it works. I know I was nearly jumping for joy when I saw them just dying as I sprayed my kids heads, lol!
Have been going through this, myself with our new school.
I tried everything, even shaving the boys' hair, and the best thing I found was the Tea Tree Shampoo. I use the Paul Mitchell, but probably anything with a high concentration would work. It's expensive, but really no more than the medicated shampoos are. I even use it for fleas on the dogs, now.

I had a friend who's daughter had lice several times, and she was told to use mayonaise on her. Coat the hair with it then cover with plastic wrap for several hours. The mayonaise is suppose to keep the lice from getting any air. It seemed to work, and pretty inexpensive.
I had a foster child move in with lice. We kept treating it even with the stuff the doctor gave us. After six months I did a little research on the internet. I found out the life of the lice is 7 days. A egg is will hatch in 7 days. Then the bug grows to a adult in 7 days. Then it will lay eggs for 7 days. What I did was wash there hair and then 5 days later again and then in another 5 days again. This got rid of the lice. This way if I missed any eggs and they Hatched (because the shampoo doesn't kill the eggs), I killed the bug before it could lay anymore eggs. It was a lot of work and washing everything everyday. But it work. The doctor didn't like that the heads were getting washed before 7 days but I did it there way for 6 months. Then did it this way once and they were gone.
This was what we used on my ex's daughter when she would get re-infected every week at her mom's house. Worked like a charm. The lice suffocates, it's something we had on hand, and her hair was always nice and soft afterwords

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