Yikes these little ones are handful!!!

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    I've raised chicks, they are sweet, they get gross but they are very social. I had one duckling as a rescue, brooded him with the chicks, no worries.
    So this spring I got 3 female Pekin to be "wives" of my Pekin drake. All I have to say is "wow", I'm exhausted. They are smart, way smarter than chickens. They cry and are much needier. I felt comfortable leaving my chicks alone at home in their brooder during the day(with a lunch check in) after 5 days. I'm on day 3 and they feel like colicky children. Won't go down to sleep at night if they hear talking, over tired and peeping.
    I love the "billing" love nibbles, like toddlers putting everything in their mouth. They figured out the cell phone, freakin loved mirrors.
    I'm just a little overwhelmed

    at the neediness.[​IMG]
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    They look adorable. Mine have never been that noisy/needy. They get excited when they hear my voice and will carry on for a few minutes or till i give them treats. But then they settle down quicky. I do love how they interact more than chicks. And i agree the nibbling, and there cute little bills are to adorable. I have 13 right now. The hardest part to keep up with for me is around the waterer. Its impossible to keep dry!! Haha. But they are worth it all! 3 of mine are 2 1/2 weeks and the other 10 are 1 1/2 weeks. I just got them moved to the coop / brooder a couple days ago. And they love it. And its huge so i can go sit in there with them. They fall asleep on my legs and love sleeping next to me:)
  3. Haha.....Yes, I call them feathered Puppies....;).......They are very smart.....They look to you as Momma Duck and can be very demanding when they are small.....Soon they out grow the demanding stage as long as you do not come running every time they cry.....They also will be scared of the dark once you turn off the brooder lamp....They grow so fast that in no time at all they will be easier to deal with.....

    So cute...;).......Enjoy those babies......

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