YIKES..Whats that smell?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by 1234duck, Jan 17, 2011.

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    Do duck eggs get kind of a bad smell if they are no good & not gonna hatch?[​IMG] There is a smell coming from the Incubator. I guess I should candle the eggs now. ~ Will it be obvious if an egg is no good?[​IMG]
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    Which eggs did you end up putting into the bator?? The ones you had inside under the light for a while before you got the incubator?? If so one or more of them is the most likely culprit.

    Eggs can explode in an incubator if left in- so you will have to check each egg carefully. You can candle them- a rotten egg will look very dark inside. Different from ones that have live ducklings in them. Often you can tell just by looking at the shell- as they look a different colour too. You can also smell each egg- if its very rotten you can smell it through the egg. Do not drop or know a rotten egg- its absolutely disgusting.
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    NOT looking forward to this at all ugg... well here goes nothing, I'm gonna go candle the eggs. Thanks duckyfromoz for your help. I'll be back.
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    Good Luck [​IMG]
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    Good luck! You're right to worry about the stink. Healthy eggs don't stink! Hope it's just one and that the others are fine. But if they don't make it, don't give up! We learn from our mistakes, and that's how eventually we succeed. Good luck!
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    Quote:X 2!
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    Yikes..I think that smell was growing faster than the ducklings do. And now hubby really can't stand eggs.~ lmao But, I do have a Gr8 present for my Mother n Law.. lol
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    Yes..I had a bad egg and the smell was getting worse. So far it was only 1 egg. (I found it by smelling each one while I was Candling them.) I'm not sure what the candling results are, I'm not to sure what I was looking for.~ (1) egg had a clear/white circle or some kind of round mark which looked like it was on the inside part of the shell. and there was also a Big air bubble thingy at the top of egg. The yolk was kinda dark, an orange/brown color.
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    In some eggs the yolk moved around real easy/freely when I would turn it all around. ~ Some I noticed the white part of the egg moving around as I would turn it.. All eggs had the air bubble at top. Most were a clear or white inside other than the yolk/an orange color. ><>< THANKS TO ALL, for your Help, Support and Kind Words.[​IMG] Julie
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    I'm not sure what day of incubation you are on, but if you are at least on day 7, you should be seeing veining, not just the yolk and air sack.

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