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  1. Yesterday my mom and I were out in the coop putting in some more shelter from the wind because there was some freezing rain and sleet coming. We have this big doghouse in there that the girls use for nesting and other stuff like that. Mom and I went over to move it so that we could have more space and when we picked it up around 40 mice came running out from under it! It appears that they have a whole city down there. It was total mayhem. Mom was screaming because she is afraid of mice, I was laughing my head off, and the girls were running pell-mell all over the coop. Some were trying to catch them and some were headed for the perches trying to get away from them. Luckily none of the girls were able to catch them. For about three minutes mice were running here and there. It was so funny! So now mom said we are getting a barn cat. [​IMG]
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    I'd have wet my pants from laughing! too funny!
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    I know how your mom feels. I just found mice in my barn with a tunnel leading to the chicken run, I noticed the girls and my rooster standing over a spot by the barn the other day and they showed me the hole...they were all standing there probably waiting for a tasty treat to stick it's head up.

    I set some mouse traps in the barn and some sticky board stuff....I haven't checked it yet today, I'm waiting for my son to wake up to go out with me....I'm such a wimp. I used to be able to handle that kind of stuff but as I get older I just don't want to... I'm a scaredy cat [​IMG]
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    That would have been a good one to get on video [​IMG]
  5. Your not the only one! I'm a scardey cat too. I told mom that when we get a cat and it catches something that I'm not going to be able to clean up the "remains". [​IMG] I can't stand stuff like that! I just wish I had a stronger stomach.....
  6. Quote:Where's the camara when you need it!? LOL
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    I just went and checked the trap...there is a mouse in it...it's one of those sticky box traps. I think the poor thing is still alive...now what do I do with it? It's kind of cute the little booger....ugh. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] I can just see it. Little scared mice running every wich way......[​IMG][​IMG]:jumpy:cd:jumpy
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    When I was a kid, Mom & I had to clean out Grandpa's dogfood storage area because of all the mice. We moved the food into metal garbage cans. As the mice ran around, I'd go get a farm cat, throw it into the middle of the mice, and then let it back out of the trailer after it caught one. Then I'd get another farm cat and go though the process again. Pretty soon all the cats came running to volunteer for service! They scarfed those boogers down and then came back for another. Mom and I laughed our heads off, and still tell that story whenever we think about Grandpa.

    I was glad we had a lot of farm cats back then... But later learned that the hound dogs were stealing mice from the cats after they left the trailer. So everybody got a mouse meal that day! Nothing funnier than watching a dog run by with a mouse tail dangling out of its mouth. I said, "Butch, did you steal Poppy's mouse?? Butch gulped, the tail disappeared, and he gave me a sheepish hound dog look.
  10. Quote:Congrats on the catch!You could try taking it off and letting it go FAR AWAY. That's what I do when I catch them. We have a park about 10 miles away from my house that no one is ever at. We put them there so that they won't come in contact with anymore people.

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