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    Jul 15, 2013
    So far we got 3 of 12 eggs. I went ahead and dipped thier beaks in water. They were under her. I put them back under her after dippimg thier beaks.
    Should I take the broken eggs out from under her or leave them?
    I am so happy right now!
    Today was hatch day and it worked.
    We put 12 egss under her. They wern't her own. She quit laying about 2 months ago even mamb longer than that
    After more hatch should I move her and the new chicks back to the hen house? Or leave them where they are at?
    Would they be protected?
    I got a chicken with the other 5 one has bumblefoot. I was gonna swithch the one with bumblefoot and put her in the dog cage and put the new mother with the new chicks back in the hen house. So as not spread or possibly give the other chickens a chance to contanimate the other chickens and keep the ill chicken by herself. Desperatly need advice
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    Feb 12, 2013
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    I remove the eggs shells because sometimes they cover an egg that a chick is trying to hatch from. can you imagine having to peck through 2 shells? I would keep the mom and babies separate for a while I just let my momma and her babies go into the hen house they are about 4-6 weeks old which is young- but I would not do this if they didn't have a mom. As far as the bumble foot- sometimes they straighten out. my last batch - some were fridge eggs- and I had one with a curled foot. after a couple of weeks it straightened out. although she was smaller than the rest of the chicks. I think it was harder for her to eat.

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