yippie 1 egg today BABY PIX

Well once they get going they just don't stop!

I think I have a pair of rollers nesting, I was short 1 during head count yesterday. I peeked my head where they were trying to nest and the missing bird was there...now whether or not they have eggs is a different story! But tonight dad is standing guard in the 'door' of the 'house' where the nest is, so I'm fairly certain that they have a little family started
2 yellow babies today..hope they stay warm it is really cold again.Last pair is on eggs but they don't seem as diligent about sitting.Will see.Anxious about the parents feeding and keeping the new babies warm
Woohoo! Seems like all my birds are hatching singletons so far, but at least they are hatching! I need to get started on my aviary before I run out of room

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